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Our Story
Our Story
Our Story


Life is all about finding balance in your work, home, family and relationships. The same applies to your skin, because balanced skin is healthier, radiant and more beautiful. Giving you the confidence to feel as good on the outside as you do on the inside.

YourGoodSkinTM is a brand new skincare range developed by a team of leading dermatologists to restore your skin’s natural balance. Powered by a unique antioxidant complex of Green Tea and Vitamin C, it gently works to visibly improve the health of your skin in just 28 days of its natural cycle. And by health we mean oiliness, dryness, texture, tone and radiance. Everyday concerns that can affect us all. YourGoodSkinTM then goes on to maintain this healthy appearance for the long term, so your skin keeps up as you move through life.

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But what really sets YourGoodSkinTM apart is that it was co-created by a community of thousands of women. Women just like you, who share the same skincare issues and worries. And who want products that really work for them whatever their age, colour or skin type.

Over two years, they openly shared their stories and experiences with us, and each other, of how their skin behaved. Not just on the good days, but on the bad days too. They told us what they liked and what they didn’t. And it was this constant conversation that helped shape the YourGoodSkinTM brand so that our team of expert dermatologists could create the perfect range of skincare that answered the needs of real women with real concerns.

The YourGoodSkinTM community continues to grow, with women from all over the world joining the conversation and supporting each other. And the door is always open for more. So take a look at these stories, then join in and start your own.

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Meet Amanda

Amanda had problematic skin, especially prone to oiliness. She would often cover her skin with lots of make-up to bring back her confidence. Now, she doesn’t have to hide her skin anymore. Watch her story and see how good skin can change your life.

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Meet Sonia

Previously Sonia relied on home rituals for her uneven skin tone, but they never seemed to be the full solution. Two years ago when she tried make-up she thought that was the answer to hide her visible skin problems, but then YourGoodSkinTM knocked on her door. Watch her story to see how it changed her life.

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Meet Amy

Amy struggled with the appearance of her skin and its oiliness, often hiding her face behind a mask of make-up. See how having good skin allowed positive changes to follow in her life.

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Meet Monica

Monica has suffered with combination skin for as long as she can remember and she always used to cover her imperfections with make-up. Now, see how YourGoodSkinTM has changed her life by helping to improve her self-confidence.

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